Axceler Control Point Case Study – The best and only SharePoint Administration tool

OK so for those of you who know me (you know who you are..!).  I do have an issue with camera’s and interviews but part of me overcoming these obstacles is the ability to start promoting and pushing myself.  Having been invloed with SharePoint since 2003 I have a keen passion for the benefits SharePoint has to offer (and the pitfalls).

Well 2 weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Axceler to catch up with them on the new launch of their Axceler Academy – this is the new online training schedules that Axceler will look to offer as added value to their customer base, click here for details –

The video below was a small interview I offered to give on why I would recommend Axceler’s Control Point to any Enterprise wanting to ensure their build a strong Share Point governance framework and using 3rd party tools to allow this.

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