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May 2012 – Our EU Privacy Solution – Great Value:

Welcome to our new EU Privacy / Cookie Directive service.  We developed this service from the large number of projects we have recently been working on with our clients.

On May 26th, all UK websites are required by law to request consent from visitors to enable any type of cookie and your cookie policy must be updated to reflect this and detail all cookies used.

If you haven’t already implemented a solution, Outbound Solutions & Computing can help you do this quickly and effectively from as little as £180.  We have designed the solution to be quick, clean and simple to implement:

Check out Cookie implementation Solution

Call us or email for details at

What if I do nothing?

If you do nothing you maybe liable to be fined, how much will depend on the type of Cookies you are passing onto visitors but in the most serious cases it will be up to a £500,000 fine.

April 2012:

Outbound Solutions and Computing are proud to be awarded the partner status with Hoot Suite.

HootSuite is a social media management system for businesses and organizations to collaboratively execute campaigns across multiple social networks from one secure, web-based dashboard. Key social network integrations include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, plus a suite of social content apps for YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr and more.

Earlier this year HootSuite hit 3 million users with over 700 million messages sent through over 6 million unique social profiles. Along with HootSuite’s web platform, 20% of users access the dashboard through their mobiles including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and iPad. HootSuite also offers localized versions of their dashboard in six languages – English, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese.

There are many benefits to HootSuite Pro

Engage: Optimize your audience engagement by creating search streams, scheduling messages and monitoring all of your social network profiles from one customizable web and mobile dashboard.

Collaborate: Invite clients and colleagues to participate in your social media management. Assign messages for follow up and share streams, helping you increase efficiency.

Analyze: Measure your efforts using over 40 social analytics modules to build and share custom reports. Or select from one of our pre-made templates for quick and easy reporting.

Secure: Share access with team members without compromising security.  The team can have custom permission sets and advanced sharing options ensure you remain in control of your valuable social profiles and accounts.

Sign up for a 30-day free trial of HootSuite Pro now: Click here to sign up.



March 2012:

Outbound Solutions are know a new re-seller sign-up with KashFlow the simple but effective Software-As-A-Service accounting package.  We are proud to offer this software to our customers and would highly recommend looking at the site and signing up for the trial here.

Not only have we signed up with Kashflow but after 18 months of testing of 10 different Internet Firewall and Security appliances have we selected Untangle as our strategic partner.  Untangle we felt offered the most versatility than the other vendors we tested, they are based on Open Source software and can be implemented as virtual based appliances.  These are great value for money, come with lots of features, easy to maintain and have the ability of supporting multiple Internet connections, offices and remote workers.


February 2012:

Outbound Solutions had the delight of being a guest blogger on CloudShare’s global site – we posted the first in a series of posts about our CloudShare experience.

Outbound launch a ready made and prepackaged web site maker for the non-technical people.  This uses a predefined set of templates and allows you to create a stunning and easy to edit website, ready in a matter of hours.  The toolbar gives you access to a wide variety of great features and tools and you can update your website in real time via your web browser.

Please see a new site using this –

January 2012:

May we first wish you a Happy New Year, check out blog for regular updates, offers, hints & tips, news and much more. Did you know we offer corporate branding and design services from Logo, Stationary and graphic design.

More details to follow with a sample of our portfolio launching soon on our website.

December 2011:

We have launched a number of new services this month, including:

Web, Email and DNS Hosting

Outbound is proud to offer a number of hosting options to its customers, launched this month we have partnered with a UK leading hosting provider since 2000. They are proud to be the 4th* largest domain name and hosting provider within the UK domain sector and ranked within the top 50 largest hosting providers in the World.

We can now offer a huge range of discounted services to our customers, below is just a cut down summary:
1. Web Hosting on Windows and Linux, with your own control, configuration and administration panel.
2. DNS Hosting providing a configuration panel to change your own zone records.
3. Add the option of email to the above for your own POP3 / IMAP mailboxes.
4. MySQL databases.
5. Build your own websites with – SiteMaker the easy-to-use website builder that enables you to create a professional looking website without the need for any technical skills.

* 4th position based on total number of .com and .net domain names under management.

New Range of Anti Virus Products

We now offer the full range of ESET’s Home, Business and Enterprise products. ESET is one of Europe’s largest Anti Virus vendors and over the last 10 years performed consistently very well on Virus Bulletin’s global vendor comparison. Although we have sold ESET for a number of years to our Business client’s, offering them one of the smallest server footprint and high performance Anti Virus products we have ever seen, ESET offerings out standing value for any business. This is a true “set and forget” product with a centrally managed console, offering a number of modules – automatic updating, Anti Virus, Malware, Spyware, Email and program detection, all on multi platform and device support.

Gartner has ranked ESET as the security software vendor with the largest worldwide growth in consumer security in 2010, 2011 had some great results for this company. We predict the same if not better results see for yourself why you should select ESET Security –

November 2011:

We are also pleased to launch our One-stop-shop for Small Business, this is our Turnkey solutions offering not only IT Solutions but Office Management, Project Management and HR Services, new pages will be updated in due course.

September 2011:

Welcome to the start of our new website, this site will be live in January 2012, so please keep coming back for further updates.  Outbound Solutions provide IT Support and Consultancy services for Small Businesses and Infrastructure Services to Enterprise’s.